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Let us find a cost-effective way of producing Hydrogen without harmful emissions

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Apr 22, 2023



The most effective way of stopping Global Warming and the resulting Climate Change is to transition from hydrocarbon economy into a hydrogen one.

Large scale Hydrogen production currently is cost-prohibitive and in most cases involves emitting Carbon Dioxide.

Let us find a method of producing Hydrogen, which would result the associated production costs per ton to be one fifth or lower of the Steam Methane Reforming method.

May specialists from all fields and industries interact together to develop such a Hydrogen production method that allows the production facility to cost no more than 1 billion USD to build, that facility to be able to produce at least 15 tons per day and if Carbon Dioxide is emitted it’s weight to be less than five percent of the produced Hydrogen.

Please make a comment if you want to support this cause.

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