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In support of a campaign by Samaritans BG

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Jul 28, 2023

Hello, Everyone!

A lady and her child in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria is leaving sheltered accommodation provided by Samaritans BG.

The charity has initiated a campaign for providing her with a bed frame and mattress.

Here is a translation of’s message :

“Friends, benefactors, volunteers and people of Stara Zagora,

A mother and her child are leaving “Samaritan’s House” and are starting a new chapter in their lives’ journey.

To help them in their new endeavour we invite you to provide them with a bed frame ( single ) and a mattress.

Every benefactor can get in touch with us at +359878394224 or to bring their donation to the office of Samaritans BG in Stara Zagora at 57 Patriarch Evtimiy Boulevard, using the Bratia Zhekovi Street entrance.

There is no small or big support to our charity’s campaigns – every contribution is priceless because when lots of us unite we can make Change happen.

Let us do that once again Together.”

This is the campaign’s web page :

If you would like to support this and other campaigns by Samaritans BG with a monetary donation you can donate at BIC : UNCRBGSF , IBAN : BG83UNCR70001520533134 .

Alternatively you can support Samaritans BG just by making a comment.

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