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Let us find an affordable method of producing potable water from seawater

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Aug 12, 2023

There are many advantages of turning arid or desert land green.

Empty and parched landscape can be turned into a food-forest.

This can provide much needed nutrition in areas prone to famine.

The ambient temperature in the cultivation region can be lowered by the absorption of thermal energy from sunlight during photosynthesis in trees and other plants.

Under a green canopy sand, rocks or dry soil will not be heated up by the Sun.

The growth in size of the transformed former arid land can lead to increased rainfall which will aid the regenerative process.

If successful the establishment of food-forests can result in a significant amount of Carbon Dioxide capture.

Let there be more people joining forces to develop a method of turning seawater into potable water, in a facility which costs less than 1 billion USD, with a daily capacity exceeding 500 000 cubic meters, at a price which is 20 percent or lower of the most effective Reverse Osmosis desalination plant.

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