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Let us create a Freight company which makes its own Tractors and Electrified Trailers

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Mar 17, 2024

The best way of transitioning from diesel-powered Big Rigs ( Class 8 Tractor and Trailer composition ) to Zero Emissions Big Rigs ( ZEBR ) is to deploy electrified Tractors – with a Fuel Cell or Battery Electric Vehicles ( FCEV or BEV ) towing an Electrified Trailer with an e-axle and battery packs.

This combination allows for the fastest on-boarding of energy apart from Hydrocarbon fuels.

This ZEBR allows Time-Sensitive Delivery applications also.

Especially if you need to negotiate mountain roads with nearly twice-as-fast inclines and the addition of energy savings and improved safety through electric motor energy recuperation on declines.

ZEBRs are uniquely suitable for autonomous applications.

Depending on regulatory approval a Level 5 vehicle will be able to “drive itself”.

A Level 4 vehicle will be able to ride in convoys following the ZEBR in front.

The Level 4 autonomous features allow for vehicles to save energy when partially avoiding air-stream resistance through following a similar size vehicle from a close distance ( drafting ).

When decoupled from the tractor Electrified Trailers need to be able to be remotely controlled using a smart device e.g. the Trailer being backed into a loading bay.

Convoys of ZEBRs need to be limited to a total of three vehicles in order to avoid hazards related to off-ramp joining by other motorists, inclement weather and tyre bursts.

A FCEV or BEV Class 8 Truck paired with an Electrified Trailer can only be utilized by a Conglomerate of companies willing to make their own ZEBRs and build their own nationwide Networks of Zero Emission Vehicle Energy Stations as currently no-one is placing the needed infrastructure in.

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